At Sommer Swim our relationships with the artisans who manufacture our pieces is integral to the company. Our swimwear is made at a family owned & operated factory exclusive to Sommer Swim in Bali, Indonesia. The relationship with our workers has been fostered over many years and they have become an extension of the brand. We work closely with our pattern makers and sewers to oversee every aspect of production from initial sampling to packing orders. All employees are paid above minimum wage and work regular hours with paid; holiday, sick, and maternity leave. Health, safety, and working conditions of the factory follow the internationally recognised standards of the Ethical Trading Initiative.


Our high quality Italian fabrics are sourced from a Green Company which optimises production processes by introducing cutting-edge technologies to monitor and reduce waste and polluting residuals. Our family operated factory allows us to produce as required with no minimum order quantities, which in return minimises waste and cancels mass production practices. Our factory does not use water for production, and recycles all plastic and paper waste.

Sommer Swim is committed to producing swimwear consciously and ethically. Below are our key initiatives driving us toward long term sustainability in our garments and business practices.

  • We produce limited quantities of product each collection, and only produce styles as required to minimise waste and limit our environmental impact.
  • We have adopted a made to order business model with our makers to avoid over ordering and unnecessary waste.
  • We have eliminated the use of water from our production processes.
  • All customer orders are packaged in a reusable organic cotton drawstring bag.
  • While we are in the process of converting to 100% biodegradable packaging, all current packaging waste is taken to a recycling facility to ensure it is processed responsibly.
  • We are in the process of testing plastic free swing tags and hygiene liners.