Anna Maria Sommer shares a day in her life as the Founder and Creative Director of Sommer Swim. 

I am currently living in Salinas, located in the South East of Ibiza, home to one of the most iconic beaches on the island.
8 am: I like to wake up and go for a little run / walk around my area to clear my mind and get ready for the day ahead.


9 am: The first thing I do is call my team in Australia and Bali, we’re all on different timezones but manage to make it work well! I talk to Sequoia our digital marketing coordinator to run through what’s happening for the day and week ahead with web and social content. I then chat with Sarah from PR / Customer service to get up to speed on everything from customer orders to press updates.


10:30 am: Afterwards I’ll make myself some coffee and go over emails from my outdoor terrace, the morning light here is beautiful. 
If I’m not working from home I’ll be at a cafe called Cappuccino which is in the marina near Ibiza town. I find it important to refresh your work environment every now and then. It’s amazing the motivation and inspiration you can find in different spaces when working remotely. 

 11:00 am: The remainder of my work day is always different, I could be sampling new designs for an upcoming collection, approving content for web, liaising with our warehouse team in Turkey and Bali, or scouting for colour and design inspiration with a trip to the beach. 

3:00 pm: Everything happens a little later here, so generally I meet a friend for lunch or head to the beach for a siesta and to get some sun.
My must-have pieces for the summer are our new Valzer colourway, I love classics such as the Uma and Jane. My everyday bikini.