A mini travel guide to Milos, Greece with our social media manager Luisa.

Exploring the picturesque Milos beach front with Luisa, featuring stunning beaches and summer swim bikinis.
Woman enjoying in the sunlight on a sandy beach, radiating style in a fashionable resort wear.
Captivated by the sunset's beauty, adorned in a breathtaking ensemble of summer bikinis.

Where To Stay?

Highly recommend renting an Airbnb as we did, there are so many options! We stayed in the cutest little town called Klima in a traditional house right by the water, whether you prefer a beachfront Airbnb or a luxury hotel, make sure you pack your favorite bikinis and resort wear.

If you are looking for a hotel, take a look at:

Domes White Coast

White Pebble Suites

Milos Cove

Taking in the scenic outside view from luxury hotels in Milos, Greece, perfect for packing your favorite resort wear.
Enjoying the comfort of the hotel room at luxury hotel in Milos, Greece
Stylishly dressed woman enjoying the ambiance of the hotel interior at Domes White Coast in Milos, Greece
Taking in the breathtaking view of the pristine beach in Milos, Greece, while dressed in stylish swimwear.
Exploring the luxurious interior of Domes White Coast, a premier hotel in Milos, Greece
Woman in summer swim stylish bikini enjoying the beach scenery.

Where To Eat?

Medusa - right by the water, great traditional options, seafood.

Okto - great for sunset dinner & Mediterranean cuisine.

O! Hamos! - Traditional farm to table by the water.

Mikros Apopolus - great for seafood lovers.

Akrotiri Seafood Obsession - Great seafood, good wine + cocktails.

Vlahos - Traditional & great Souvlaki.

Avli Milos - They give you wine while you wait! Traditional Greek cuisine.

Indulging in mouthwatering seafood delights at Medusa, a waterfront restaurant in Milos, Greece, while enjoying the seaside
Taking in the panoramic view of the beautiful seaside in Milos, Greece, while enjoying the coastal breeze.
Marveling at the stunning sunset over the tranquil beach in Milos, Greece, as the sky is painted with vibrant hues of orange and pink

What To Do?

Milos is best known for its Sarakiniko beach, also known as "moon beach" because of its white rocky landscape. This was honestly worth the hype, and I highly recommend going there for sunset and sunrise while rocking your summer bikini! We did this nearly every day and it was always so breathtaking.

Our social media manager stands elegantly near the beach in a shimmering green resort wear dress, embodying the essence of seaside sophistication.
Our social media manager stands gracefully near the beach in a stunning green shimmery resort wear dress, exuding seaside elegance with a different pose.

Renting a small boat or going on a semi-private sailing tour for one day is also amazing because there are some stunning beaches you can only access by boat!

Other cool beaches: Firopótamos (village and beach), Tsigrado (you must go down a ladder to get there), Mandrakia (you can eat at Medusa while you’re here), Klima (also great spot for sunset).

Watch the sunset at the church in Plaka.

Visit the Ancient Theater.


Capturing the mesmerizing close-up view of the tranquil waters in Milos, Greece, with gentle ripples reflecting the serene beauty of the coastline.
A captivating wall inscription reads 'I ask God where is my home and he says it's Greece,' evoking a sense of belonging and admiration for the country's beauty.
A picturesque view of the resort nestled amidst lush greenery, offering a serene escape for guests seeking relaxation and tranquility.

What To Pack?

Lots of bikinis, obviously!

Cover-ups as the island can get pretty windy.

A good pair of flat sandals for rocky beaches.

A cute basket bag to bring all your essentials to the beach.

Woman standing in the beach in a stylish summer swim bikini
Woman posing confidently in a chic summer swim bikini on the beach
A green shimmery dress hangs gracefully inside our hotel room, adding a touch of elegance to the interior decor
A small bag rests gently in the soft sand of the resort, ready for a day of seaside adventure and relaxation.


Good to know: Definitely rent a car or quad / scooter to get around! We rented a car beforehand and picked it up at the airport, but I don’t really recommend a car during high season as the streets are really small (especially to some of the beaches or villages) and you can also get a problem with parking.