I’m Kathryn (Kat) - I am a celebrity stylist based in Los Angeles. I started styling in 2019 full time after working in the music industry for 4 years. I’ve worked with everyone from rappers to athletes to Latin pop stars and actresses. I launched Kurated which is an umbrella for my styling work - I have a lot of goals to expand Kurated that you’ll see manifest in the next few years.

How would you describe your career journey and how you spend your time recently?

My career journey has been so fast paced. I feel like I’m still the new kid on the block in the styling world but I am as busy as ever. Recently I’ve been working non-stop, but it has been so rewarding. I feel like I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my career and personal life. I’m surrounded by really solid humans who hold me accountable to be the best version of myself.

Kat Gosik modelling on beach
Kat Gosik

Tell us about the process of developing looks for clients and seeing your ideas go from a mood-board to a fully-fledged look.

An editorial is usually a two-week process - once I make a mood-board, I start putting together a list of potential designers to reach out to, then I email them all. Once confirmed with the designer I will make selects from their lookbook and they will either ship it to LA or my team and I will pick up. After we shoot the looks, we have to sort out and organize returns. It’s a whole process and a lot to juggle when you’re working on multiple projects but luckily I have a solid team to make it easier on me.

Key highlights of your career so far?

There are so many! I still get excited when a shoot comes out or I get to see my client on TV or walk a red carpet! I feel like the feeling will never get old, and I really hope it doesn’t! Some of my career highlights are styling Christine Quinn on two seasons of Selling Sunset, styling a Hulu show (not out yet), styling shoots for Playboy and GQ Magazine, and styling athletes for their games. Honestly, everything is a career highlight because I’m just really happy and grateful to be here.

Sydney Sweeney modelling in black and white image styled by Kat Gosik
Sydney Sweeny modelling chanel in pool

Who or what inspires your own sense of style?

I get so much inspiration from so many things. I really just go by what I’m feeling that day. One person who has really inspired me through all her own style evolutions is Bella Hadid - I always love what she's doing and she's constantly evolving and creating fresh looks. I think that is really important for those in the fashion space looking for recognition is to constantly be evolving your wardrobe.

Christine Quinn styled by Kat Gosik on Selling Sunset
Christine Quinn styled by Kat Gosik

How does your personal style reflect in your work?

I don’t shy away from colors and that definitely reflects in my work. I actually have quite different style from a lot of my clients and none of my clients really have the same style as one another. I really try to find my clients personal style and highlight that. I love sunglasses and make sure to always include them in work when I can - I think sunglasses are the most underrated accessory and really make an outfit stand out.

What advice can you give for investing in fashion consciously and thoughtfully?

Invest in pieces you’ll wear more than once - for example - heels, sneakers, sunglasses, purses, jewellery. I personally invest money in jewellery and diamonds but that is just a personal preference. A lot of my friends and clients love bags but I personally am not a bag girl and will do whatever I can to not have to carry a bag.

Do’s and don’ts for someone wanting to follow the same career path?

DO intern – I know it is not ideal working for little or no pay, but 99% of the top stylists have put in the time and work. Working your way up is the only way. It’s a TON of work and you have to really love what you’re doing. Do not complain and bring your personal problems and life into the workspace. 

Kat Gosik
Kat Gosik


Being a woman is…POWERFUL.

Most precious possession…my cat, Mila.

Favourite Sommer Swim style…halter bikini top and thong bikini bottom!

Kat Gosik seen in Sommer Swim
Kat Gosik wearing Sommer Swim