Tell us a little about yourselves? 

Y: Yan Yan Chan, I am Australian - Chinese. Hong Kong bred. Libra / Sagi rising/Cancer moon. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learnt that I am an optimist… If I put my mind to something I will always make it happen - no matter what the stakes are haha.

N: I’m Nomi, 25 years old and an Australian Middle-Eastern mix. I am a lover of books, animals and absolutely anything within the realm of a murder doco or podcast.  


How did you both meet?

Y: I actually met Nom through her bf, don’t remember the exact moment but maybe on a dance floor?!

N: I met Yan through my boyfriend Nic who she has known for years. I can’t remember the exact day, but I remember our friendship was instantaneous; We were on the same wavelength right away. 


How would you describe what you do for work? How did you get into the industry?

Y: I’ve been working in fashion for almost 10 years now, mostly content producing and creative direction. I've always been creative, so any outlet that allows me to express myself and feel a little out of depth is what I’ve always been drawn to. I started interning and assisting at the age of 16 and knew I wanted to get my foot in the door, my blog was born out of procrastination, and I initially worked in styling & PR. Over the years, I instinctively mashed all of the skills I had learnt through work, school, and travel and started creating content for brands. It really grew from a place of interest and love.


N: Funnily enough I spent 4 years at Sydney University getting a Social Work degree and somehow, I’ve found myself working in Marketing and Social Media. Studying Social Work was an incredibly rewarding experience but at the end of the four-years, I did what so many students do… I changed my mind. I wanted to be in a creative field and thought the marketing space could be something I’d be good at. To get a foot in the door I did internships wherever I could and interviewed at smaller start-ups as they are always willing to take a chance. It’s been two years now in this field and there’s no looking back! 

Any advice for those wishing to follow a similar path?

Y: I think it’s so important to hold onto the hobbies and interests you had in school, because it’s an asset. For me, I’ve been able to blend my art / film and photography background into fashion and it’s been so fulfilling. It allows you to branch out, see things from a different perspective and explore different mediums. It’s essential to stay open, and to say yes to opportunities that come your way - even if at the time you might not think it is beneficial, you always end up learning an important lesson. Work hard, and have fun with it.


N: For those who don’t necessarily have a degree in the field they want to work in, you’re not alone! Experience eventually means more than any piece of paper so always be willing to be open and try as many things as possible. Say yes to odd jobs, take internships for experience and remember, your first job doesn’t have to be your dream job. Start small and build your way up. 


If you could describe your best friend in 3 words, what would they be?

Y: Witty, courageous, encouraging

N: Adventurous, generous, attentive 


What are each of your favourite memories spent together? 

Y: Summers and festive nights together, mostly spent by the ocean, with good food and a lot of laughter. I think my favourite memory of us was my birthday 2 years ago, we can get cheeky together - although every time we see each other it’s always a fantastic moment.

N: Nights spent out together. We are either the pocket rockets twirling on the dance floor for hours or we’re both huddled into the pantry of a house party unpacking the whole universe together; there is simply no in-between. 


What qualities do you admire most in each other?

Y: I really admire her courage, she’s not afraid to speak up and stick up for what she believes in. I think it’s such an admirable trait to have. We’re both introverted extroverts, so we have a really genuine understanding of each other, but most of all I just love the conversations we have, she always gets my brain ticking and we always have each other backs.

N: There are so many, where do I start!? I’ve always admired that Yan will speak up for what she believes in regardless of whether it is the popular opinion in the room. Her ability to be so self-aware while also being conscious of what others may be feeling is an incredible strength of hers. As a friend, she is always there to listen and lean on. I literally can’t think of a single difficult experience in the last year that I didn’t confide in her on. For that, I am grateful. 

As we're celebrating International Women's Day, what does being a woman mean to you?

Y: I love being a Woman. It means ownership, power (in the non traditional sense), resilience and love.

N: Even from a young age, I have always felt this immense privilege to be a woman. For me it means the ability to be both incredibly soft and incredibly strong. Having empathy and emotional intelligence to support my friends, family and partner while also juggling the mile long to-do list. It’s supporting other women in their business, it’s speaking up for things I believe in and it’s loving this incredible body that can one day grow another little human. The definition of womanhood is limitless and boundary less and so are my experiences within it.


What is one thing you've achieved in the past year you're most proud of? 

Y: I think, growing into my own skin. I really got to know myself the past year, there was definitely a lot of growing pains that had to happen.. But I’ve come out of it with a lot more self-assurance and awareness.

N: The last year through COVID has been a strange one to say the least. This year I’m recognising the small wins that usually go un-rewarded. I’m proud of the friendships I’ve maintained, the job I’ve kept and worked hard at and the new apartment we’ve made a home. 


Next destination on your dream summer travel list? 

Y: I can’t wait to explore more of our coastlines. Noosa is next on the list!

N: Summer holiday in the South of France. No doubt about it. 

Yan Yan wears Uma Bralette Bikini Top & Nico High Leg Bikini Bottoms in 'Bianco'. Nomi wears Kaia Triangle Bikini Top & Milla Tie Side Bikini Bottoms in 'Bianco'.