DISCO DOLL | Shot by Gigi Hollanders in Ibiza

Get lost in the beautiful cobbled stone streets of Ibiza Town’s Dalt Vila. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the charming Dalt Vila (otherwise known as “high town”) cannot be missed on your next Summer vacation to the stunning Spanish island of Ibiza.


Take a break from European hotspots like the Amalfi Coast and Greek Islands to discover a town rich in history and culture. Upon arrival expect to be greeted by locals going about their day, fresh laundry flapping over balconies, Spanish charm, and unique white-washed houses with red roofing dotted against the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.



Once you’re in Ibiza you can take a taxi up to the entrance of Dalt Vila, be sure to wear comfy shoes as the remainder of the trip is via uphill stairs and on foot! Upon arrival head to the tourist information office and pick up a map which will guide you through the town’s three official routes.


Wander with us to dreamy European Summer days on the Dalt Vila seaside in our latest photo journal "DISCO DOLL" captured by Gigi Hollanders. Follow Carla Guetta as she lounges in a sun daze wearing new season Sommer Swim.