A Blissful Retreat: Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza

Nestled atop the cliffs of Ibiza's stunning northern coast, the Hacienda Na Xamena Hotel offers an idyllic escape from the bustling beach clubs and vibrant nightlife. This enchanting haven combines breathtaking natural beauty with luxurious amenities, providing an unforgettable experience for discerning travellers seeking tranquillity and rejuvenation. Anna & Sequoia share their travel diary of two nights at Hacienda Na Xamena, and why they consider this hotel a must-visit destination for those craving an exclusive and indulgent getaway.

Captivating Surroundings

Perched high above the azure Mediterranean Sea, the Hacienda Na Xamena Hotel embraces its awe-inspiring surroundings. As you step onto the property, you'll be greeted by panoramic views of the sparkling sea and rugged cliffs that stretch out as far as the eye can see. The hotel's architecture seamlessly blends with the landscape, creating a harmonious atmosphere that accentuates the natural beauty of the area.

Luxurious Accommodation

The Hacienda Na Xamena offers a selection of sumptuous accommodations, each designed with meticulous attention to detail. From elegantly appointed rooms to private suites, every space exudes sophistication and comfort. Rooms feature contemporary furnishings, plush bedding, and floor-to-ceiling windows that invite abundant natural light while offering breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean or the lush gardens. Unwind in your own private oasis at one of Hacienda Na Xamena’s suites, which boast private pools, jacuzzi, outdoor lounging areas, and stunning vistas. Offering a sense of seclusion and tranquillity.

Unparalleled Wellness

The hotel's renowned La Posidonia Spa is a haven of tranquillity and rejuvenation. Built into the cliffs, this award-winning spa provides a truly unique wellness experience. Guests can indulge in a range of treatments, including revitalizing massages, therapeutic hydrotherapy, and invigorating beauty rituals. The highlight of the spa is the Cascadas Suspendidas, an outdoor thalassotherapy circuit atop the cliffs. Immerse yourself in healing waters while being surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

Culinary Delights

The hotel's gourmet restaurant, Eden, offers a gastronomic voyage featuring Mediterranean flavours and innovative techniques. With a focus on locally sourced ingredients and seasonal produce, each dish is a masterpiece that celebrates the island's culinary heritage. For a more casual affair, the Cascades restaurant provides a charming al fresco setting overlooking the panoramic views, serving Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and refreshing cocktails.


A stay at the Hacienda Na Xamena Hotel Ibiza is an invitation to immerse oneself in a world of refined luxury and natural splendour. From the captivating surroundings to the meticulously designed accommodations and world-class wellness facilities, every aspect of this exclusive retreat is crafted to provide an unparalleled experience. Whether you seek relaxation, indulgence, or both, Hacienda Na Xamena effortlessly exceeds expectations, leaving you with cherished memories of a truly extraordinary stay.