The biggest trend featured in just about every bikini pic on Instagram is being referred to as “Barbie Feet.” Okay, so what are barbie feet and why will we be testing the theory in our next Instagram post you say?

What is the Barbie Feet Trend

Barbie feet is the latest Instagram trend where the model poses on her tip toes to give the illusion of longer legs. Imagine you were wearing the original Yeezy see-through heels. As well as the illusion of longer legs, the barbie feet trend can also make your calves look slightly more toned. It’s a win- win.

Given that we would rather laze away by the beach or pool in our bikini rather than hang out in painfully high heels, this trend is a very happy medium for us. Barbie is officially the ultimate trend influencer 60 years in the making.

If you need to see the Barbie feet trend for yourself, check out Kourtney Kardashian and her posse here.

Kourtney Kardashian Bikini Barbie Trend | Sommer Swim

Or our favourite babe Jas Tookes posing here.

Jas Tookes Bikini Barbie Trend | Sommer Swim

How to take the perfect Instagram bikini photo

As well as utilising the Barbie Feet method make sure the photographer is shooting you from below. The more the photo is directed from the ground up the longer your legs will look. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to accentuate your assets! #legsfordays

If you just so happen to have the worst balance in the world, angle slightly to the camera and point your front toe. This will also elongate the leg in the photo. 

Next time you are at the beach with your besties taking some selfies don’t forget to get on your tips toes for the perfect pose.

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